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Nothing but ponies! [09 Nov 2014|10:26pm]

Hi guys, just wanted to share...I dropped out of art college (trying to finish something part time was harder than I thought) and since then I have been banging out a pony a week. I'm having crazy productivity and I hope it never stops :-D Here's one of my favourites - check out DA for all the others.

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Art Trades? [16 Jun 2014|07:24am]

Hey everyone,

I know the monthly exchanges have pretty much been at a standstill for a while, but I still want the opportunity to do some drawing this month and I was wondering if anyone out there would like to do an art trade?
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Posting what I have so far... [19 Apr 2014|07:45am]

I feel so bad for taking so long on this. I scanned it and started fixing some mistakes. I was hoping to achieve a glowy effect, but that didn't work out. I feel like I'm just trying to fix something that isn't fixable, so I may start again :-P

Peek if you want!Collapse )
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I'm colouring, I'm colouring! [01 Apr 2014|09:30pm]

Just wanted to say that my picture will be in this week. I have a little cold that is just big enough to sap all my energy :P
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*ping* -test post [26 Feb 2014|01:51am]

Checking in!
Finally got a new laptop after mine died in a horrible manner while traveling by air back in August. Has there been any activity since then?
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Christmas Horse 2013 [24 Dec 2013|10:51am]

Finished just in the nick of time! I really missed doing a Christmas horse, and I'm just so pleased with how it turned out. Happy holidays peeps!

Christmas Horse 2013 by Calzephyr
Christmas Horse 2013, a photo by Calzephyr on Flickr.
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Hallo! [12 Nov 2013|08:45pm]

EAX is missing from my life :) How can I get it back?
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Checking in [11 Jul 2013|02:33pm]

Hello, just checking to see if there were any emails I missed. I'm still free to draw for the rest of this month evn with preperations for Bronycon, but I will be unavailable for all of August as I stay with a friend in DC.
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May merged with June [26 May 2013|02:44pm]

Mune? Jay? I don't know. Either way, I guess we'll merge these months, so there's more time to sign up if May was too busy a month for you!
I'll send emails in a couple of weeks or something

Love you guys!

p.s. go sign up here for Mune!
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Boss Hoss for you! [03 May 2013|01:21pm]

Sorry I'm a little late this month was crazy! I hope you like :) Read more...Collapse )
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ATTN: Manifest_Endver [30 Apr 2013|11:46pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Here is your Aryden, at http://fav.me/d63o4zr
I thought he would be awesome welcoming Spring properly and communing with the spirit of the tree shown on his bracers.

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Attn Zamdor! [30 Apr 2013|06:52pm]

Hey girl! Got you and your man here!
You know those months where you think "Yeah I'll get some real good art done!" And then it goes tits-up or something. Yeah that happened.

I'ma make a cutCollapse )
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Making Up for Shepdog :-) [28 Apr 2013|08:24pm]

Hi friends, I owed a fine member of this group some art from last summer! My sincere apologies for taking so long. I worked six days a week last summer, was art blocked, sketched something, was blocked again by trying to draw a bicycle, tried again, then lost the sketch, then I started art college again while working full time, which turned into five days a week full time while taking a Saturday class that took up all the rest of the time! Man! If I didn't live with my husband, I would not see him at all :-) Anyhow, my last Saturday class was yesterday, and to make up for not being able to fulfill my half and to be back in the good books, behold, under the cut...

The best I could do :-)Collapse )
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Sign up for May, or Tell your friends! [27 Apr 2013|08:43pm]

Hey you guys! Here are sign-ups for May. Ermagerd!
I will be attending Confuzzled at the end of the month. If any of you happen to be going, pop by and say Hi to me in the dealers den!

Also, could you guys spread the word about us! Things are getting a bit quiet around here, and Sharra and I love pairing people up with folks they've never drawn before. Even if you aren't signing up, give us a shout out! We'd really appreciate it. Thanks a lot!

Your Info:
LJ Username-
Valid e-mail-
Personal Gallery-

Character Info:



Max picture rating (G, PG, etc)-

Anthro/Normal/Were (Specify character type)-

Eye Colour-

Mane and Tail (Colour, length, type, etc.)-

Physical Description-

Accessories (Clothing, tack, jewellery, etc.)-


Reference Pictures-

Theme (optional)-
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Marchpril Emails sent [03 Apr 2013|09:35pm]

Hey that's gotta be the quickest email sending ever! If you think you haven't received art, or not been adopted, let me know. It feels like we need to do some catch-up or something.

Love you guys :D Tell all your friends to sign-up for next time yeah!
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Sooo.... Sign-ups? [30 Mar 2013|02:15pm]

Are we still using the March sign-ups, or will a new one for April be posted?
Whichever way it goes, please sign up if you havent!
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Happy belated birthday Snowhawk! [04 Mar 2013|10:32pm]


Hope you like!
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ATTN: Tieran [27 Feb 2013|09:03pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Here is your Trancer and I hope a good version of his Star Board.


Enjoy! ^_^

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Boss Hoss! [01 Feb 2013|06:59pm]

[ mood | irate ]

Never let me draw Ponies again. Dun' like it :( This is also probably the first time I've been late

It's a cut!Collapse )

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Attn; Hollso [31 Jan 2013|08:27pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I got Ilix this time around, and I ALSO GOT PHOTOSHOP RUNNING!! :D I went a bit wild and did two versions, one with and one without wings simply becuase I like how the dress came out. :) I Love that lace brush! :D

Version with wings; http://fav.me/d5teoeu

Version without; http://fav.me/d5teprj

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